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VOUCH | Mid Vish

VOUCH | Mid Vish




  • TAIL SHAPE: Swallow

  • FIN SYSTEM: Twin


  • GLASSING: Standard - 4 + 4 Deck, 4 Bottom + Tint

  • WAVE SIZE: Beach, point and reef breaks from 1ft-6ft.


You’ve been riding mid lengths for years now. You know how they turn, you know what waves they like being ridden in and you pretty much know everything there is to know about a 7 to 8 foot single fin rolled bottom, foiled rail mid length…

What am I going to do with my (surfing) life now?!

Well here it is. Mid. Length. Vish. Not your run-of-the-mill mid length board, these things can handle some serious juice, while still being amazing in the knee to chest high range that so many people love riding mid length style boards in.

Tubing point and you don’t want to deal with the hassle and nightmare paddle of riding a sub 5’6″ fish? Here’s your answer. Paddle in early and still be able to rip the absolute shit out of the wave with speed, power and flow…

Both the factory and TEAM current favourite board…

Available in 2 different lengths/foils, ask us which will suit your needs/waves.

Comes standard with glass on keels but Futures work equally as good in these.

Lengths from 6’6″ to 8’0″.

Call the shop to discuss availability and custom orders!

E: Shop@surfectionbyron.com

Ph: 02 6685 6022

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